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Guidances for Foreign researcher to conduct research in Thailand
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How to research in Thailand
Visa Extension

If you stay in Thailand longer than 90 days, you have to report to Immigration Office as notified.

Visa Extension

The researcher who gets permission from NRCT longer than 90 days have to do the following:

  1. Send visa page that got from the Embassy and visa stamp that got from the Airport Immigration as filling out NRCT-02
  2. Remind us 30 days in advance before the expiration of your visa
  3. Wait a letter asking visa extension from NRCT
  4. Present the letter to Immigration Office in Bangkok or provinces convenient to you
  5. After getting visa extension, send the copy of it to NRCT
  6. The visa extension will be arranged to you every year when it is asked until the end of your research period
  7. Please apply for re-entry visa before leaving Thailand, otherwise your extended visa will be expired automatically. If you would like to go and out many times, you are advised to apply for multiple re-entry visa
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