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Guidances for Foreign researcher to conduct research in Thailand

If you stay in Thailand longer than 90 days, you have to report to Immigration Office as notified.

Guidances for Foreign researcher to conduct research in Thailand

National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT)
Foreign Researcher Management Section (FRMS)

Guidances for Foreign researcher to conduct
research in Thailand
  1. Report in person or by e-mail to FRMS within seven days after arriving in Thailand.
  2. Report in person to organization concerned before starting research work.
  3. Act in conformity with rules, regulations or acts of the organization concerned.
  4. Observe strictly to the conditions of permission.
  5. Request letter for visa extension from FRMS fifteen days before visa expiration.
  6. Apply re-entry visa before leaving Thailand.
  7. Inform FRMS within seven days of the change of address in Thailand.
  8. Inform FRMS five days in advance concerning the plan of oversea leave during the course of research in Thailand.
  9. Inform FRMS seven days in advance if research project has to be cancelled temporarily or permanently.
  10. In case the research extension is needed, researcher must inform FRMS 60 days before the termination of research permit.
  11. Inform FRMS fifteen days in advance of the kind and number of research sample which will be taken away from Thailand.
  12. Inform FRMS at least 60 days in advance about the change of research plan, research site etc.
  13. Deliver a copy of progress report to FRMS every six months.
  14. Ask permission to take out specimens collected in the field from organizations concerned by consulting NRCT at least 30 days.
  15. Submit the summary of research after finishing up the research in Thailand.
  16. Deliver one copy of the complete report with its CD to FRMS within one year after the termination of research permit.
  17. Comply with the regulation, law and act of concerned organization/ departments.
  18. Whenever you publish your research results got from the research conducted in Thailand in any journals, please send the reprint to NRCT as soon as possible.

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